R&D (Aarandee) a new focus

As I have reached the glorious age of 70, I have decided to start to share superb opportunities with you, for those creative among you who have an entrepreneurial spirit and zest to make a difference.

During the past few years, I have been volunteering through my local Rotary – look up www.rotary.org to find out what we do.

When the current ‘covid-19’ struck and lockdown began, I realised that the tremendous infrastructure of Rotary had a major role to play, to create solutions; provide volunteers; enable service to be given; as well as listen to those who were suffering and their wellbeing was also being affected.

I have been volunteering continuously since 1968, that is over 52 years of providing a service to others – and getting a multitude of experiences in my life, each one is totally priceless – there is nothing to equate the value.

Join me on a journey, in which ‘Rotary Opens Opportunities’ for you, to look at providing a new business – either ‘giving a service’ or ‘sharing a product’.

Let this be the first day, of a new life experience.


About Us

AARANDEE is the host for a range of projects, each are at varying stages of development.

These projects require collaboration with a number of skilled individuals, which are called upon for specific tasks related to each project. We therefore outsource much of our work.

We also develop our own range of projects – taking them through

i) research of the initial concept and potential viability;

ii) research into proof of concept, by drafting outline and visualisation;

iii) consideration of modelling or prototyping prior to evaluation and assessment; allowing

iv) a limited production of a minimum batch, which will allow

v) testing and consumer feedback;

vi) thereafter any modification of the design or manufacturing processes to meet requirements.

vii) Marketing,

viii) sales and distribution of our own products, or

ix) delivery of your service / product.

We look forward to providing a service to you.