The Rotary ‘7 Areas of Focus’

The Rotary Foundation, which is our Rotary charity, has 7 Areas of Focus for you to explore when you are thinking about providing a service or product, which may be offered to the 1.2M Rotarians around the globe.

If you can deliver such a product or service, that will make a difference in a community and provide a positive impact on the lives of those in the community, then you may manage to have a market for the product or service being offered.

I have to also indicate that the market becomes wider for you if you are able to align your solution / provision, with any of the UN 17-SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals). As both of these focus on similar aspects.

The main ideal behind these areas, is the humanitarian service which will be provided and the vehicle to get them to the end user is to encourage those in the market who provide that very humanitarian service to the communities around the world.

I shall share and expand on all 24 areas for you to explore (7+17); although I shall only expand my thoughts on these, one area at a time.

R&D (Aarandee) a new focus

As I have reached the glorious age of 70, I have decided to start to share superb opportunities with you, for those creative among you who have an entrepreneurial spirit and zest to make a difference.

During the past few years, I have been volunteering through my local Rotary – look up to find out what we do.

When the current ‘covid-19’ struck and lockdown began, I realised that the tremendous infrastructure of Rotary had a major role to play, to create solutions; provide volunteers; enable service to be given; as well as listen to those who were suffering and their wellbeing was also being affected.

I have been volunteering continuously since 1968, that is over 52 years of providing a service to others – and getting a multitude of experiences in my life, each one is totally priceless – there is nothing to equate the value.

Join me on a journey, in which ‘Rotary Opens Opportunities’ for you, to look at providing a new business – either ‘giving a service’ or ‘sharing a product’.

Let this be the first day, of a new life experience.