A positivity pandemic project

For the past few days, I have been contemplating how best to engage as many of the creative and philanthropic entrepreneurs that I have met throughout my life and network. Also included, are the multitudes of Rotarian contacts that unitedly have the end desire to ‘do good in the world’. The third group which I would like to involve, are all my Engineering friends, who know no bounds when striving to solve an issue facing them.

The ‘covid-19’ issue has impacted on so many lives, our activities have been curtailed and I have had 4 weeks to explore the various potential routes to bring about a global solution. My question to you all is – are you willing to join me in creating a series of products and services, to address these?
Many of us are restricted to home, although our abilities to communicate, research and create – can be shared, new alliances formed and a strong network aligned, to gain an ‘on the job’ experience and expand our knowledge of how best to maximise the skills and experiences of different sectors, coming together to transpose potential solutions and devices, that will generate a whole new business strategy. Email me [ jimmy@positiveattitude.me ] if you wish to be involved in this new ‘positivity pandemic project’.

I will share my own www.aarandee.com (R&D) skills free – for the duration of this project, enabling all my contacts to seek out and use any data which I use to generate my creative list of ’50 golden ideas’, in the hope that we find some nuggets of inspiration and provide us with a route, on the journey to the ‘NEW’ normal, which will surely arise from ‘covid-19’.

A number of young entrepreneurs, provide me with much inspiration, strengthening my choice to follow this route, as I know I have skills to share, along with each and every one who chooses to get involved.

Let us start by looking at our proposed ‘project’ and strive to tackle it in ‘small manageable steps’, rather than set a goal – where we know the goalposts are changing daily, we will look at the several end results and work out the route to get to each of them, being mindful that there are many ‘traffic lights and traffic jams’ on the route, which may hold us up, but will not divert us. Set your mind and be aware that a change is needed, to address the ‘covid-19’ issue at present.

Step 1. – Clear your head and kick start your creativity. We start by sharing our ‘circles of influence’, e.g. family; friends; Rotary colleagues; other charitable organisations; entrepreneurs; philanthropists; venture capitalists, all others with varied skills; expertise; funding and knowledge; make sure that you write them down and contact them, invite them to consider being positively involved in our ‘pandemic project’.

Step 2. – Know the ‘project’ that we are starting to work on, write down what aspects you understand, what solutions you are aware of out in society, most of all – where your gut instinct tells you, that there are either ‘bottle necks’ or a ‘lack of / or no resources’, that will help focus your mind and enable you to set the tasks for each day. Give yourself no more than 3 tasks, which are achievable and manageable, thereby enabling you to know that there will be progress, this positive knowledge will spur on you and the others.

Step 3. – Your plan for the rest of each day, will be to start on these tasks, build in some down time – for relaxation and contemplation, if anything should happen on route – communicate with me and I shall coordinate our efforts, if you have staff who are willing and able to assist in that too, bring them on board. Remember that many are not allowed to ‘work’ if on furlough, this may be one of these hurdles that we will have to overcome, therefore they must look at this ‘pandemic project’ as ‘volunteers’ doing good in the community. Do not let there may be to many traffic lights or traffic jams, that slow down the journey, prepare to manage through them positively.

OK, the first steps of our ‘NEW’ normal – has started. Are you ready to step out and tackle the new day? Let us try and achieve results, there is a ‘golden nugget’ solution waiting for us, when everyone contributes to the plan. Share with your network, spread this project – perhaps like a virus which ‘covid-19’ is; so that we have a positive outcome at the end of the day.


My ‘positivity’ – ’50 Golden’ Ideas post

There are 3 work environments that have impacted my life, since leaving school in 1966.
Education and

In each of these 3 environments there were additional voluntary focus areas that I served;
work; in the 3 areas above
volunteering; in youth organisation; youth clubs; sport; young engineers; Rotary
philanthropy; giving of time; skills – expertise; money; transport
charitable giving; of time; skills; money; transport; products
social enterprise; for local community based projects
leadership; as a Principal Teacher; our Rotary District Governor; as a District Rotary Foundation Chair;
creativity; in ‘idea generation’; a ‘what if?’ thinker
service; above self; for…
family; friends; and fellow Rotarians.

In each of the focus areas, I was able to spot potential ‘entrepreneurial’ opportunities, these helped to build my list of ‘The Golden 50’ ideas. That is, ideas for potential projects or services, that could be explored and perhaps eventually taken to market, if they were found to be viable.

I take the list of ’50 ideas’; which can be either, a unique project; or an associated link with a particular project. An example which I use would be the idea that started when I was looking at ‘big data’ information; based on births; deaths; and population. The ‘Births’ data – generated a number of ideas linked to the early year’s growth of the child. Whereas, the ‘deaths’ data – generated a specific project, that built on collaboration, between related business opportunities.

I regularly explore the list and select ’10 ideas’ to consider further, this allows an insight into potential markets and possible outcomes; that is, what is currently in society to address the issue and how effective is it, if there is something, if there is nothing out there – then question yourself – ‘why not?’, This may save a lot of wasted thought on an idea that is not required. Often though, there is the spark that generates ‘why did I not think of that before?’

From the information gathered on these 10 ideas – I ‘select 3’ to explore to a ‘MVP’ level; this step enables a deeper understanding of the factors that influence design; address markets; examine routes to market; and appropriate costs – both related and required for development.

Once the MVP data is in front of you, then ‘1’ genuine potential product or service will show, the journey then begins, to build the product / service and set up the routes to market; determining if investment is required from other agencies, to make it a reality.

I plan to do a series on the ‘golden 50’ later; let me know if you wish to be involved. This will require your participation to enable you to start to build your own ‘golden 50’ ideas, so that you can use your skills and expertise; as well as your network of contacts, that may determine your own direction, for a viable successful project.

Once you have selected the ‘1’ project to consider taking to market, as your development work continues, you can go back to the remaining 49 ideas, add in a new one from your reserves and start the process again. The result will be a number of projects at various levels of development, providing you with sufficient work each day.

Take care and stay safe.
DG Jimmy