District Governor News – 11

Jimmy’s 2020 VISION!
Issue 11 JANUARY 2020.

District Governor Elect – DGE Angela. Is off to International Assembly (IA) during January, for the District Governor Training. If you do not attend, then you are unable to take up the post of District Governor. Therefore, this is a very important journey.

I recall my experience from January 2019, it was exciting; exhausting; exhilarating; extensive; extraordinary; exceptional; extremely tiring – I think I’ve jut put all my ‘ex’ in one sentence… (think about it !!!!!) – did you get it? [ all my ‘eggs’ in ‘one basket’! ]… ok it was a very poor joke… I tried though. I also would like you to try as well – to put all the information into the DMS (data management system) and mention your achievements in Rotary Central. Please ask me for assistance, I would be very glad to help, you deserve to be recognised for all that you do.

As Angela, begins her own ‘District Team’ training – when she returns from International Assembly, to us here in Distrct 1230 – the West of Scotland. It is important that we Rotarians ensure that we step up to the mark and do our utmost to participate and share in the duties we agreed to undertake, when we joined Rotary, to provide a ‘service above self’ in our communities.

During all my visits to each of our local Rotary groups, I indicated that I would be looking to present awards and recognise our outstanding Rotarians at the District Governor’s handover lunch in June 2020. For me to do that, I need your responses. It’s like writing school reports, I see the potential in you, therefore – show your work to get the rewards and maximise your achievements.

DG Jimmy.
I want you to tell me the following, these are ‘YOUR’ nominations from your own Rotary Group and like they say – ‘you have to be in it to win it’. You may nominate from NOT only those in the following positions during 2019 / 2020. You may choose to nominate a committee representative, for any one category, or all categories – should you wish, as I want to recognise their outstanding ‘service’, which has been identified by you. NOMINATIONS have to reach me by the end of the 11th March 2020 District Council.

I need you to tell me in your own words, who you are nominating and why?

TOP ‘President’ – (if more than one is sharing, be selective)

TOP ‘Secretary’ – (or assistant, if appropriate)

TOP ‘Treasurer’ – (or assistant, if appropriate)

TOP ‘Foundation Chair’ – (or committee member)

TOP ‘Membership Chair’ – (or committee member)

TOP ‘Projects Chair’ – (or committee member)

TOP ‘MPRC’ – (or committee member)

TOP ‘Youth Chair’ – (or committee member, or Rotaractor; Interactor; Rotakid)

TOP district ‘A.G.’ – (i.e. your area Assistant Governor)

I shall chat with the District Executive, to select:
The TOP ‘ROTARY’ in the District;
The TOP ‘PROJECT’ in the District;
The TOP ‘Members recruiter’ in the District;
As well as many other nominations, that we see as appropriate.

The TOP 3 for each category will be informed that they have made the short list, and they will be referred to at the lunch, prior to the announcement and presentation of each award. Therefore I humbly request that you have a representative from your Rotary attending.

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