District Governor News – 10

Jimmy’s Monthly Newsletter
Issue 10: DECEMBER 2019.

My Rotary 2020 Vision would be this: I have been inspired by rotarians in The West of Scotland, District 1230, to the extent that I have a desire to encourage ‘collaboration’ with others in our communities. Glasgow North & Bishopbriggs Rotary, under President Gail Savage, is currently negotiating the opportunity to ‘collaborate’ with the ‘Fundraising Team’ for ‘Marie Curie’ who are based in the heart of the Glasgow North & Bishopbriggs community..

They, along with speakers from ‘Who Cares Scotland’, recently gave a presentation at the November District Council meeting. The offers of ‘collaboration’ for mutual support & growth can provide Rotary with access to new networks of individuals, who may become rotarians, providing we use the opportunities wisely and effectively for all concerned.

An inspiring thought, that, with shared considerations & actions we may be able to create new pathways to our Rotary Foundation’s ‘6 areas of focus’, not only to generate fundraising opportunities but potential career opportunities for the many volunteers involved; the impact locally and internationally could be phenomenal.

If you read my biography on the District website you will understand my passion for the 3 sectors from which our conference speakers were drawn: Engineering, Education and Entrepreneurship. These define my life journey and the many influencies on me as I have gone through life. They also fit extremely well with our Rotary Foundation ‘6 areas of Focus’.

Each day, I am enthused and inspired by the Rotarians around me. The internet has made it very easy to identify new products and services available to us. We in Rotary must learn to embrace the technological developments and consider innovative ways through which we can promote Rotary and the ‘Service Above Self’ that we as Rotarians, can provide to our communities, locally and to society as a whole.

When I was at the Ireland D1160 Conference, one speaker was a young man ‘paralized’ from the waist down. At work he wore a ‘bionic frame’ suit which helped him to stand and move around. He was working with engineers to improve it and was being treated by doctors who told him he would never walk again. Using the ‘bionic suit’ he encouraged them to come together and collaborate. The result was the creation of a new business company.

By learning to ‘think differently’, we can create potential opportunities for building links to those influencers involved with various ‘manufacturing sectors’ who wish to provide opportunities for personal development and growth, while encouraging their employees to provide a ‘Service Above Self’ and earning a living at the same time.

Rotary has a superb ‘incubation’ opportunity around the world for a massive range of ‘entrepreneurial start up businesses’ which wish to develop products and services, not only within the Rotary Foundation’s ‘6 areas of focus’; but also to assist our collaborating organisations.

Scotland is the most entrepreneurial friendly country in the world, due to development opportunities and support. We in Rotary provide opportunities for ‘young folk’ to be creative. Let us continue that provision to youths and adults alike, thereby engaging them, rather than losing them..

Any investment in our Rotary Foundation will generate multiple opportunities as well as enabling partner organisations and funders to follow our lead and to bring new solutions to the issues within our ‘6 areas of focus’.

January is ‘Vocational Service’ month – the opportunity to share your ‘Service Above Self’ in your work environment.
February is ‘Peace and Conflict’ month – ensuring reduction and prevention of conflict in various situations, by promoting peace.
Please have a ‘Happy Christmas’ and a ‘Prosperous 2020’

Yours in Rotary Service,
DG Jimmy