District Governor News – 8

Jimmy’s Monthly Newsletter

Issue 8: OCTOBER 2019.

As our District Conference looms closer, I have attempted to visit as many Rotary groups in our district which I could, before conference. What an inspirational journey it has been for me. No matter the number of Rotarians, I have been blown away by the range of projects being undertaken, the impact locally and internationally being made by your service, has been phenomenal.

For those of you who have read my biography on the District website, you will understand my passion for the 3 sectors which our conference speakers have been drawn from. Engineering; Education and Entrepreneurship – these define my life journey and the many influencies on me, as I have gone through life. They also fit extremely well within our Rotary Foundation ‘6 areas of Focus’.

Each day, I continue to be enthused and inspired by the creativity around me, the internet has made it very easy to identify new products and services available to us. We in Rotary must learn to embrace the technological developments and also consider innovative ways in which we can promote Rotary and the ‘Service Above Self’ that we as Rotarians can provide, to our communities locally and to society as a whole.

As you may be aware, in my own Rotary – Glasgow North & Bishopbriggs, Chris (our International Chef) Rotarian, has managed to secure the first ever team of ‘Chefs with Disabilities’ the opportunity to participate in the ‘Culinary Olympics’ – we have a crowdfunding project going on in the ‘GlobalGiving’ platform – https://goto.gg/41764 please feel free to look at the project and contribute any which way you can.

The fundraising dinner on the 20th Sept’, will have taken place by the time you read this, but the crowdfunding project will continue at least until 27th September, after which if we have not made the target, we will have to apply for the next accelerator in October – there is a chance that we may not be selected again with the same project, we will have to wait and see.

I am aware that there has been a ‘task group’ set up, to target various ideas and options to try and increase the number of new Rotarians, if you are aware of some who have recently stepped down, or if you know of any partners who have not been invited to join Rotary, please appeal to them to support the district again for a year or two, so that we can continue to have a presence in the West of Scotland.

I shall continue to strive to engage the ‘international student’ cohort, who are based in the ‘Halls of Residence’ in and around Partick and the University of Glasgow, thereafter I shall move on to the University of Strathclyde and Glasgow Caledonian, the City centre colleges will follow that, then the college campuses in and around Glasgow and Greater Glasgow, finishing with the University of The West of Scotland and the college campuses around the rest of the district – your input will be required to identify where these are.

I am aware that other districts are looking to the innovative ideas that we are considering to strive and engage new Rotarians, please encourage their input and support, it is only through building greater networks, will we have the opportunity to grow.

Time to get your ‘thinking cap’ on – learn to ‘think differently’ folks, seek out the potential opportunities for consideration. I will be looking for links to those influencers involved with the various ‘professional institutions’ who wish to provide opportunities for personal development and growth, to their registered professionals.

Rotary has a superb ‘incubation’ opportunity around the world, for a massive range of ‘entrepreneurial start up businesses’ which wish to develop products and services within the Rotary Foundation – ‘6 areas of focus’; indeed – Scotland has recently been given the title of the most entrepreneurial friendly country in the world, due to the development opportunities and support. We in Rotary provide opportunities for ‘young folk’ to be creative – let us continue that provision to youths and adults alike, thereby we may be able to engage them, rather than lose them..

Any investment by our Rotary Foundation, will generate multiple opportunities; as well as enabling partner organisations and funders to follow our lead, to bring new solutions to the issues within the ‘6 areas of focus’. Thereafter the provision can be expanded to consider the needs which are promoted through the 17 areas of focus, outlined by the United Nations.

Oct is ‘Economic & Community Development’ month & 24th is ‘Polio Day’ (also) District Conference is 12th/13th Oct’, in the Golden Jubilee Hotel & Conference centre, Clydebank. The registration forms are out, and there are many options for attendance.

Nov is ‘Rotary Foundation’ month – The Rotary Foundation is our own Charity. District Council is on the 13th November – in the Glynhill Hotel.

Dec is ‘Disease Prevention and Treatment’ month – a wonderful opportunity to engage and encourage ‘Young Entrepreneurs’. You will also have to identify your ‘New Officers’ for the Rotary year – 2020 / 2021 either at the end of November or at the start of December – at the latest.

I think I have given you enough material to keep your creative minds working overtime, please search inside yourself and consider if – you can / will share this journey of ‘thinking differently’ with me, I need your skills; expertise; ideas; and your very valuable time – to enable us to grow Rotary in the West of Scotland. – ARE YOU WITH ME?

Yours in Rotary Service

DG Jimmy