District Governor News – 7

Jimmy’s Monthly Newsletter

Issue 7. SEPTEMBER 2019.

I recently sent a welcome email to the 10 NEW members listed in the DMS since 1st July 2019. there are none from the 1st August yet, which is coming to an end soon.

I also decided to take a look at the number of NEW members in the District, since 1st January 2019 using the DMS search facility. There are 84, which included the 10 mentioned above, which means 74 since 1st July 2018, with just over 50 of these following the RI board notification.

I am not being complacent – but that equates to just over 1 new Rotarian per week, can you imaging the number if we were able to do that for our 48 groups in district? Even if we could manage just 1 new Rotarian each month in each Rotary, that would be over 600 in the year. Can we do it? – ‘yes we can’… to quote Bob the Builder!!!. If we can manage to do that with even a quarter of our groups, we might save the district from a merger. As that will enable us to meet the target set by RI.

It is possible that we can increase that number for this year, to meet the target of 100 new Rotarians set by IPDG Jim. Sadly, we have lost many Rotarians to the ravages of age, either through incapacity to continue due to ill health; infirmity or death. I wonder if that specific aspect will be taken into consideration, when they look at our active attempts to meet the request made.

We are considering many avenues to increase engagement and then conversion to Membership, therefore let us continue to work towards the goals set and push for recognition of the efforts being made to address the situation.

I have taken the recommendation from Roddy Duncan, to convert my efforts to engage the ‘Culinary Ability Chefs’ – and seek to launch an e-satellite Rotary from Glasgow North & Bishopbriggs, to secure any interest around the Globe from those registered with the various

Associations of Chefs, who wish to participate in the desire to provide access to their sector, by those with disabilities, seeking to pursue a career in in the Hospitality industry.

Recent actions and situations within that specific target group, have taken a great step forward, during our planning – although there is some concern that other Districts around the world, may copy the basic idea and even launch at the same time, or before we do – there is some urgency therefore to set this up and be first to do so.

During my visits, there have been some encouraging comments by individual Rotarians regarding the idea and we may manage to set up a ‘think tank’ to consider other employment sectors which we could be targeting a similar engagement strategy for their industry. They may also look at the various factors that might be a ‘hurdle’ for some in the community, to pursue a specific career.

These may include – ‘Deaf’; ‘Blind’; ‘Mute’; ‘Autistic’; those who are ‘economically challenged’; ‘single parents’; ‘refugees’; ‘economic migrants’; ‘displaced citizens’ from other countries; etc… the list may well grow. Therefore , it may be worthwhile exploring some of these sectors and

engaging with the professionals related to current provision for them.

There is a lesson to be gained, by looking at the list of ‘Rotary Fellowships’ and ‘Rotary Action Groups’; to stimulate thoughts of prospective sectors for consideration, that could sustain global Rotary e-satellites, based in District 1230.

There are also 143 sports listed, in a website I came across, which highlights World; Olympic; Continental; National championships – as well as another source, for the many countless hobbies and crafts that individuals are engaged in. A Rotary e-club ‘meeting their needs and desires’ to perhaps follow their passion and also ‘do good in the community’ at the same time, could very well be considered by them.

Time to get our thinking caps on – learn to ‘think differently’ folks, seek out the potential opportunities for consideration. Many of these sectors listed may well be able to seek funding to support individuals, from many agencies that see them as a ‘priority’ within the community. I guess these could be seen as ‘Community Action Groups’ – similar to the ‘peace corps’ listed

in Rotary.

Rotary may also have to ‘think differently’ regarding the skills that some of these individuals can share, albeit they may not be able to pay the annual subscription – some form of waver could be negotiated based on the time given to ‘help others’ in the community. That specific point may also address the comments made by many retired Rotarians who have less disposable income today and that becomes the main factor for them leaving Rotary. Taking their very valuable skills and experience away with them.

Sep is ‘Education’ month; and 20th Sept’ is the ‘Culinary Olympics’ team

Fundraising dinner in the Banqueting Hall of Glasgow City Chambers. (contact me if you wish to attend)

Oct is ‘Economic & Community Development’ month & 24th is ‘Polio Day’ (also)

District Conference is 12th/13th Oct’, in the Golden Jubilee Hotel & Conference centre, Clydebank. The registration forms are out, and there are many options for attendance. Finally, may I record a massive thank you, for your service.

Nov is ‘Rotary Foundation’ month – The Rotary Foundation is our own Charity.

I ask you to search inside yourself and consider if you can / will, share this journey of ‘thinking differently’ with me, I need your skills; expertise; ideas; and your very valuable time – to enable us to grow Rotary in the West of Scotland. – ARE YOU WITH ME?

Yours in Rotary Service


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