District Governor News – 5

Jimmy’s Monthly Newsletter

Issue 5. AUGUST 2019.

We are already into the Rotary year 2019/2020 – club visits have started. What an inspiration it has been too. The list and diversity of fundraising projects and social activities grows daily, the genius of so many Rotarians used to engage and involve their communities is phenomenal.

I want to record my respect to all the Rotarians in our district, your passion for ‘doing good’ is undiminished in difficult times, I urge you though, to continue the great work and strive to broadcast your ‘good news’ to others. The previous (issue 4)  newsletter gave you support to sign into or set-up your own ‘My Rotary’ account in www.rotary.org (if you need another copy let me know)

Immediate Past District Governor Jim, set us a target to increase our numbers above 1,100 by 30 June 2020. I also desire that and I seek your support as we strive to engage up to 20% NEW Rotarians – by encouraging and involving them through various options.

A ‘satellite’ of your Rotary can be recognised with 8 or more participants, the ‘satellite’ can meet at a different date and time, to suit the needs of those unable to attend the Regular meeting. A satellite can also have an alternate format and structure – making it more flexible and accommodating to others. You can also set up an ‘e-satellite’ for those unable to attend a face to face event.

Those involved in the satellite, are full Rotarians registered through your main Rotary, thereby enhancing your numbers and growing your options to ‘do good in the community’ and engage others in the projects, which can be a joint project with the main group, or a separate project looking towards meeting a specific need. This allows you to be more innovative and flexible, as well as attracting a diverse sector of the community to align themselves with the project. Being that flexible also enables other organisations to become real partners and gain further recognition for the good work being done through them.

An example may be, the local ‘Police Scotland Youth Volunteers’ – organised separately from Rotary, although engaged with Rotary to provide a specific service, the Adult Leaders can become members and gain recognition for organising the youth projects or ‘interact’ group in the community. Thereby enabling the young volunteers to participate more fully, in the range of Rotary youth events and exchange opportunities.

It is important to ‘think differently’ as we liaise with others in the community, to enhance the services provided to others needing help.

Aug is ‘Membership Extension’ month

            and District Council – Wed’ 14th; Glynhill Hotel; 6.30pm

Sep is ‘Education’ month; and 20th Sept’ is the ‘Culinary Olympics’ team

Fundraising dinner in the Banqueting Hall of Glasgow City Chambers.

Oct is ‘Economic & Community Development’ month & 24th is ‘Polio

District Conference is 12th/13th Oct’, in the Golden Jubilee Hotel & Conference centre, Clydebank. The registration forms are already out, ask your President and Secretary. There are many options for attendance, to make it easier for you. Finally, may I take this moment to thank you all, for your service.

Yours in Rotary Service,


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