District Governor News – 3

Jimmy’s Monthly Newsletter

Issue 3. MAY 2019.

We are starting the final countdown – 6 weeks to go, you are busy with AGM’s; Assemblies and Handovers happening or looming and planning for next session 2019/20?

I need ‘input’ from you, to allow me to represent our District the best I can, taking forward your desires and addressing your concerns. This newsletter will also seek your support to sign into or set-up your own ‘My Rotary’ account in www.rotary.org

At our District Assembly, the district team leaders all prepared support materials for you, therefore, could you strive to share with as many Rotarians from your club for next session 2019/20?

In www.rotary.org when you set up your ‘My Rotary’ account, you can then sign in each year and use the ‘Rotary Club Central’ tool to help you set your goals, keep them simple: e.g.

  1. We aim to have one (1) new Rotarian during the session 2019/20.
  2. We aim to have (100%) retention of our current Rotarians.
  3. We aim to try and raise (£21) from each Rotarian for Foundation, to represent the $26.50 donation from Arch Klumph in 1917, when he set up the Rotary Foundation to help support our charitable work of ‘doing good in the world’. [ EREY ] ‘Every Rotarian Every Year’.
  4. We aim to raise (£77) per head for the Rotary Foundation ‘Annual Fund’ as ‘Sustaining Members’ of the Rotary Foundation.
  5. We aim to increase the ‘diversity’ of Rotarians, to best represent the community; (a) in Gender; (b) Ethnic/Cultures; etc..
  6. We aim to provide an ‘electronic newsletter’ to share information to our Rotarians
  7. We aim to liaise with local Media to promote our charitable activities.
  8. We aim to engage with other organisations in the community
  9. We aim to get involved with some of the ‘Rotary Action Groups / Fellowships’ in My Rotary.
  10. We aim to encourage as many Rotarians as possible to participate in Training and Leadership roles in our own Rotary and at District level.

If you manage to do these simple steps, then you will make a massive impact on the profile of the District within Rotary.

Calendar items to think about:

May is ‘Youth Service’ month;

June is ‘Fellowship’ month;

July is ‘new officers’ internal training / set-up.

Complete your AGM’s; Assembly & Handover (May; June / July)

District Handover lunch, is Sun’ 30th June, at 1.00pm; Glynhill Hotel, Renfrew. I would very much appreciate and value your support.

District Conference is 12th/13th Oct’, in the Golden Jubilee Hotel & Conference centre, Clydebank. The registration forms are out, ask the President Elect and Secretary. There are many options for attendance, to make it easier for you and your family to participate. The program is looking very good and the cost is down this year.

Finally, please respond to the proposed ‘District Governor’ visit request, which was in the President Elect pack, so that I may confirm dates in the diary.

Yours in Rotary Service,Jimmy

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