You cannot afford to let this opportunity pass.

I just watched a short film from staff at – which motivated me to look at their website, I actually was inspired by the little knowledge I have. 
The team at ‘wondros’ were behind the ‘Yes we can’ campaign for President Obama and it featured ‘will-i-am’ …. some of you may recall I invited him to be a speaker at our District Conference in October this year, sadly none of his agents / agencies / contacts, in the UK even took time to say not available. 
None the less, I am undaunted in my task – to increase engagement and numbers of Rotarians in the West of Scotland by a simple 20%… 
Are you one of my future 20%?…. 
If so, respond and I’ll share your options for engagement – ‘curious’?
Do you want to ‘make a difference’?
Do you want to ‘inspire’ others? 
Do you have around 2 hours a month to give, towards organising projects for helping others?
Would you like to increase your network of contacts?
Are you able to create and share stories ‘digitally’?
Are you up for a ‘challenge’?
Can you afford to let this opportunity pass – without even trying to find out about Rotary?