District Governor News – 2

Jimmy’s Monthly Newsletter

Issue 2. 2019.

With only a few weeks to go, time for AGM’s; Assemblies and Handovers happening or looming and to look forward and plan for next session 2019/20?

My ‘forward looking’ monthly newsletter, will share information from you, up to 3 months in advance, so that you may promote some of your own local activities and seek collaboration from others, for your local and international projects.

The ‘FOUNDATION’ seminar provided insight into our OWN Rotary Charity – ‘The Rotary Foundation’. The seminar shared how you can access your contributions and have them returned to the District as ‘Grants’, to support the outstanding work you are doing locally or internationally, providing a ‘Service Above Self’ and enhancing the reach and impact of the support you are giving.

The Rotary Foundation, now concentrate all ‘grant’ activities on ‘6 Areas of Focus’ which are as follows:

  1. ‘Peace and Conflict Prevention / Resolution’
  2. ‘Disease Prevention and Treatment’
  3. ‘Water and Sanitation’
  4. ‘Maternal and Child Health’
  5. ‘Basic Education and Literacy’
  6. ‘Economic and Community Development’

You can download individual A4 double-sided sheets of these, from www.rotary.org

During the past year, I have been looking ahead to collaborate with other ‘community service’ organisations. I hope this will enable us to gain new Rotarians from these groups. If you have any links or contacts in these groups locally, share the news of collaboration and you may manage to encourage their participation with you.

With help from Rotaract, I plan to target students attending Universities and Colleges in the West of Scotland, I have basic information in their own language: – Korean; Japanese; French; German; Portugese; Italian and Spainish, promoting Rotaract opportunities and the various youth opportunities open to them, i.e. ‘New Generations Exchange’; ‘Youth Exchange’; ‘Camps’; ‘RYLA’; etc. If you have contacts in these groups, let me know, I can provide you with resources for them and encourage participation locally. One Rotarian is striving to get the information in ‘Polish’ for us, another is striving to provide them in ‘Punjabi’.

I also hope to build a collaborative link with major employers in the West of Scotland and perhaps negotiate with the staff, some ‘corporate members’ for Rotary. We need to ‘THINK DIFFERENTLY’ and break down the barriers within our communities, allowing us to continue to provide a ‘Service Above Self’ and enhance our Rotary presence in the West of Scotland.

Calendar items to think about:

May is ‘Youth Service’ month;

June is ‘Fellowship’ month;

Plan your AGM; Assembly & Handover (May; June / July)

Dist’ Handover lunch, is Sun’ 30th June, at 1.00pm; Glynhill Hotel, Renfrew.

Dist’ Conf’ is 12th/13th Oct’, in the Golden Jubilee Hotel & Conference centre, Clydebank.

Yours in Rotary Service, Jimmy

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