New Developments

Hi Folks, I am currently working hard to take on the role of District Governor for Rotary in the West of Scotland. It has been a couple of years to date, for training and preparation. The time is close – 1st July 2019 for one year.

While doing all the reading and preparation, I also managed to work on some of the projects that are in development – it dawned on me that there could be an opportunity for others to participate in the AARANDEE (R&D) sector.

If you are doing and R&D and wish to share some of your findings or seek opportunities for partners and / or funding, then you may ask for permission to be able to be a contributor in ‘Projects’ and / or ‘Blog’ pages.

If you would like to register for your own [ xxxxx @ aarandee . com ] email address, we are considering making this available for £2 / month or a £20 annual subscription (basically to cover server / administration costs) – If you are interested, then let us know.