New Developments

Hi Folks, I am currently working hard to take on the role of District Governor for Rotary in the West of Scotland. It has been a couple of years to date, for training and preparation. The time is close – 1st July 2019 for one year.

While doing all the reading and preparation, I also managed to work on some of the projects that are in development – it dawned on me that there could be an opportunity for others to participate in the AARANDEE (R&D) sector.

If you are doing and R&D and wish to share some of your findings or seek opportunities for partners and / or funding, then you may ask for permission to be able to be a contributor in ‘Projects’ and / or ‘Blog’ pages.

If you would like to register for your own [ xxxxx @ aarandee . com ] email address, we are considering making this available for £2 / month or a £20 annual subscription (basically to cover server / administration costs) – If you are interested, then let us know.


It could be ‘so much more’ – if you think about it.

Ok, you have a blank white sheet of fabric – let’s say 2440 mm x 1220 mm. On its own, it could be used as a – single bed cover; blanket; table cloth; curtain; wrap; if it were to be cut up – then it could be a number of dish cloths; handkerchiefs; towels; scarfs; etc.

Already it can be seen that this one sheet of plain fabric on its own, can have many guises, which can lead to numerous potential income streams, depending on how able you are at bringing these to market.

The question you should be asking at this point is – are there any other potential markets I can consider? Are there any other uses that this one sheet of fabric – on its own, may have?

If you can take a moment or two, make up your inspired list and share it below in the comments section. Let’s see how many uses we can have for just that one sheet of fabric, on its own.

Now, we have another component, a long section of 25mm diameter ‘dowel rod’. If we attach this to one end of the sheet of fabric, we may have created a white flag; or a hanging drape / curtain; I think that you can now see where this is going – the potential income streams have increased with only one simple additional component. The plain flag can have any pattern printed on it – suddenly – your potential market has become every country in the world.

If we were to add another section of ‘dowel rod’ i.e. we now have two rods and attached these at both ends of the sheet of fabric, the flag would become a banner. For a cause; a Rotary club or district; a soccer team; an event; the options are too numerous to type here – therefore get typing and share your inspired ideas in the comments section below.

In AARANDEE Ltd, that is what we do – R&D; we take a simple component and ask the obvious question – what if? Now you can see, with very little additions, the plain white sheet of fabric can be ‘so much more’.

If you think we can help you, then get in touch – we have so many ideas and potential projects that require ‘your skills’ to turn these ideas into products or services that we can market. We have just shared our secret formula with you… there is no excuse now for you not to manage to take your start-up or business to the next level.

About Us

AARANDEE is the host for a range of projects, each are at varying stages of development.

These projects require collaboration with a number of skilled individuals, which are called upon for specific tasks related to each project. We therefore outsource much of our work.

We also develop our own range of projects – taking them through

i) research of the initial concept and potential viability;

ii) research into proof of concept, by drafting outline and visualisation;

iii) consideration of modelling or prototyping prior to evaluation and assessment; allowing

iv) a limited production of a minimum batch, which will allow

v) testing and consumer feedback;

vi) thereafter any modification of the design or manufacturing processes to meet requirements.

vii) Marketing,

viii) sales and distribution of our own products, or

ix) delivery of your service / product.

We look forward to providing a service to you.