Welcome to AARANDEE


AARANDEE is ‘Research and Development’.

All request for research and development will be considered, unless it is shown not to be ethical. The result of any particular research and/or development may also provide a Design outcome, which may be included as part of the service negotiated.

The range of projects being worked on at present, are listed below. All share the same core element, the minimum amount of waste is a fundamental issue, even waste material may be considered as another product whenever possible.

Projects being worked on at present are:

Rotary (3 games; 2 possible training tools; all on 1 board; a phone app’; & a computer game)
(sport passion – motivation / inspiration theme; charity icon; diamond shape[waste product])
Clothing (Sport passion – motivation / inspiration theme)
Advertising Portal (vacations / properties)
Education materials (engineering / design – based)
Power Generation (product life-extension; power enhancement; bio-fuel / waste recycle project)
Domestic consumer products (light shades)
Compliance Counsellors (netregs)
Research & Development Consultancy (engineering design; product design; environmental design considerations)

There are many other projects being added to the ‘project tab’ as the development of the above, provide potential new avenues for consideration

AARANDEE look forward to providing such a service to you.

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